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Paris Haute Couture, Patuna SS 2019

The cobra is not a snake, were the lyrics of a very famous Italian hit of the eighties, but apparently, and without even wanting to bother even the Bible, it is the main inspiration of a spring/summer 2019 Haute Couture collection by Patuna, eclectic designer who loves to amaze and provoke with her irreverent idea of ​​fashion.

On dresses both short and long, wide or skinny, the main decoration is always covered by an enigmatic snake that, like a spiral, wraps, both ton sur ton in the same material of the dress, and more enigmatically in contrast, the whole female silhouette encircling it. The effect is original and somewhat alienating and makes you think, which, frankly, is asking a lot from a dress.

Typically, it is worn. If then it also allows reflection, it is a plus for Patuna that to enhance this idea rigorously uses glittery fabrics so that the final effect of this found scene is as sparkling and glamorous as possible 


Mood: Snake shaping
Lengths: all, from mini to long
Volumes: both skinny and comfy
Colors: red, black, silver
Fabrics: glitter, silk



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