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Paris Haute Couture, Ralph & Russo SS 2019

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo are the two creative souls of the legendary brand Ralph & Russo, highly anticipated in Paris for its new spring/summer 2019 Haute Couture collection. Expected more than deserved because without so much convolutions, gratuitous baroque and useless features that are not needed if not to distract insiders, buyers and press from the fact that a suit works or better for what it is and not for what it seems thanks to all kinds of frills, Ralph & Russo bring home great reviews, applause and praise an idea of Haute Couture that over the years, has remained true to itself, always succeeding to enchant the audience of the most difficult market for haute couture, Paris, thanks to timeless creations that are a tribute to the highest tailoring and craftsmanship of the sector. On the catwalk, dresses designed for large and very large events. Every daily convention is abolished: everything is done seriously. Red carpet or death.

Therefore, among a thousand sparkles, sculptural volumes, see-through effects, precious handmade decorations and a systematic use of the finest fabrics in the world, here High Fashion tells an ancient and ever new story, made of pure beauty and elegance tout court. Between draping, ironic and unexpected decorations, aftermath and the choice of a delicate color palette with numerous pastel shades that enhance the natural femininity and grace of every woman, Ralph & Russo remind us that high fashion is a dream, a dream come true thanks to the vivid strength of the Atelier, almost an enchanted kingdom where once upon a time becomes a true, real fairy tale, to be lived and worn.

Mood: Hollywood Glam
Lengths: all, from the mini dresses draped to the long evening dresses, both enveloping and with soft lines
Volumes: soft, wide, from draping to maxi skirts everything is full of comfy
Colors: white, light blue, ivory, powder pink, black, purple, green, bronze, magenta, blue
Fabrics: crepe, organza, silk, feathers, tulle, mikado, taffeta


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