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Paris Haute Couture SS 2017, Armani Privè

If the style is the dress of thought, and a thought neatly dressed as a woman well dressed, looks much better, Giorgio Armani, with his high fashion line Armani Privé is perhaps the highest and most famous representative of this idea as demonstrated by his last haute couture spring/summer 2017 collection.

Only the cuts have a vaguely Eastern echo, and colors, all shades of Orange seem to want to follow the path of the Sun from sunrise to sunset, since it is a pale yellow up to the explosion of the orange more intense then ever clearer because the night is coming and it's time that the Sun give way to the Moon and another color palette.

His women, ethereal and refined muses, are the emblem of what this extraordinary fashion designers mean by style. The rigor in the cuts, design always in progress of its amazing jackets masterfully realized, the lightness of volumes and fabrics that caress the silhouette without mark it, have the huge advantage of not being able to ever be confused with no other couturier of the Earth. Giorgio Armani is unique as his creations. It's like Caravaggio with its lights and shadows and the admirable chiaroscuro: who could ever confuse works of such genius?

So it is with Giorgio Armani that in this summer collection shows on the catwalk iwhat is part of his more authentic heritage, adding, as always, something new because its archive, already huge, still has plenty of space for new stylistic ideas and design solutions sculpting volumes and chisel forms, almost as if instead of scissors the Italian couturier had a scalpel, so every cut is simply perrfect. The evening is spakling feminine with that touch of glam that always makes the difference. Indeed, as explains Giorgio Armani "style is having courage of our choices, and the courage to say no. It's taste and culture”. And Armani Privè is ever since one of the best examples of the italian culture and great tradition of high fashion.


Mood: Sunrise and sunset before the night falls
Lenght: long for pants and dresses; tiny mini jacket; long dresses with tissue overlays inspired at the East
Breadth: pants, jackets and mini jacket are tight; tops and blouses are comfy and soft, as well as evening pants embroidered all over
Colors: yellow, orange, tangerine, pale yellow, pale orange, pearl grey, black, gold
Fabrics: silk, organza, leather, crocodile, crepe, satin, lamé



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