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Paris Haute Couture SS 2017, Elie Saab

After admiring the collection haute coture bridal Elie Saab spring/summer 2017 is almost natural to think of Barthes:
fashion is the rotation of the possible, is the idea that there are some possibilities that are exploited in a circular manner, even if they do not return never exactly at the same point as in the imaginary circle of Giambattista Vico, historical courses and recourses theorist, something has changed. In the Haute Couture, in fact, we proceed rather quickly in a helicoidal way, a spiral. If historical courses and recourses are more reguarding the ready to wear, high fashion, however, anything is possible, even what has never happened before. In this kingdom still largely unexplored and full of possibilities, moves nimbly a great creative like Elie Saab that, in fact, throughout his career he has never repeated and still amazes for his ability to reset the already done to create a blank slate on which to write a new story. Because the real fashion is, above all, the art of change. His  route is, as evidenced by this latest summer collection, absolutely elliptical, not moving along a circle that is inevitably forced to quoting himself, proposing gowns which resemble creations of previous collections. In the name of absolute beauty and brand new, one of the most favourite movie star fashion designer, gives us a collection s/s that is pure joie de vivre with its amazing colors and its refined and charming silhouettes.



Mood: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lenght: pants and skirt at the ankle; long evening dresses an long cape with trail
Breadth: dresses with straight line have on the back surprising and wide trails; sumptous capes; jumpsit with skinny pants; bustier with draperies on wide skirt wit or without important rips; ankle dresses that enhances shapes
Colors: pale blue, nude, gold, silver, pink powder, white, liliac, cream, sapphire blue, royal blue
Fabrics: crepe, silk, organza, mikado, satin, tulle, plumage



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