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Paris Haute Couture SS 2017, Iris Van Herpen

The Queen of experiments in themes, moods and tissues used, makes sure to cross again and in a way completely surprising the destinies of high fashion with those of science and architecture. It's not just a new wind blowing on the catwalk, but definitely a tornado that aims to wipe out the already mentioned and the already seen to impose an idea of high fashion absolutely charming and possible.

Experimentation is the key word of a spring/summer 2017 collection that captivates and convinces the audience, buyers and journalists because as Ulysses this fashion designer likes to take risks and go ever beyond where others dare not. She is aware that the fashion world is always waiting for something brilliant from her, another card of that great puzzle  that she and a few others are composing about how will be the haute couture that will come. Ladies and gentleman, let Iris Van Herpen introduce the future of true haute couture.

Because, to quote Pierre Cardin, "my favorite clothes are those that I invent a life that does not yet exist, the world of tomorrow".


Mood:3d experimentation
Lenght: from mini directly to long
Breadth: enveloping long dress, while minidress thanks their architectural geometries are wide and hyperbolic in sleeves and, above all, shapes
Colors: white, black and pearl grey
Fabrics: techno

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