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Paris Haute Couture SS 2017, Maison Margiela

If fashion is a way to tell who we are without talking, high fashion is our x-ray, a tale far deeper of our dreams and desires, confessable or not.. Oscar Wilde used to say that “only a fool does not judge by appearances" and this is true than ever in the kingdom of haute couture that,  free from trends and coporate diktats, gift collections that are self-portrait of who creates them, but most importantly, once you buy the suit, are the polaroid of the soul of the wearer.

In the high fashion world you do not lie, you don't need to adapt yourself to a group or even hide yourself, like happens in the ready to wear world. In the high fashion you are what you are. That's it and that's the poetic style in which John Galliano always believed. No exceptions in its latest fabulous collection for the creative director of this iconic maison that created a fabolous haute couture spring/summer 2017 collection. To be and do not appear. His clothes are and he is and who chooses to wear his creations chose to discard the mask and show his true face. In this collection so rich of surprising stylistic solutions, with sartorial volumes and cuts that tells the magic of the Maiosn Margiela atelier, where golden hands give birth to creative dreams which are flights of fancy to the sublime, the couture shows all its beauty and its many possibilities of expression.


Mood: Transgressive experimentation
Lenght: mini and to the ankle for over coats; long dress for the evening time
Breadth:comfy volumes for over coat, available mini or long and ethereal and fluid evening dresses
Colors: black, nude, orange
Fabrics: silk, organza, wool, tulle


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