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Paris Haute Couture SS 2017, Redemption

Redemption launches a military rock collection characterized by a bohemian and absolutely sexy and hyper feminine allure thanks cuts and silhouettes enhanced by a strong and bold design.

70ies style for skinny pants matched with mini jacket with golden bottons and frogs, but there is also space in this spring/summer 2017 haute couture collection for a great touch of rock ' n ' roll thanks leather jackets available in black or gold, sleeveless and short above the belly, perfect to wear with a mini skirt with very long trains. Minidress have hyperbolic sleeves, almost definitely huge wings of great visual impact. Absolutely avantgarde.


Mood: Bohemian rapsody
Lenght: mini
Breadth: wide sleeves by hyperbolic cut; minidress are tight and snug; skinny fit for the black and gold leather jacket
Colors: white, black, pearl grey, blue, yellow, gold, red, royal blue, purple
Fabrics: organza, leather, silk, mikado, damask


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