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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Georges Chakra

Haute Couture at its finest. Silence, please, it's Showtime. Georges Chakra takes the stage and with admirable skill directs an orchestra of beautiful creations that all together create a symphony of colours and shapes absolutely emotional and unforgettable forever and ever.

Exciting, inspiring, iconic, powerful: Georges Chakra is one of the greatest artists of international haute couture, able to make every creation a masterpiece of harmony, seduction and style because it has in himself an education to the Beauty and Purity that is an authentic personal treasure with which he was born and, who owns it, maybe he has the responsibility to give it to the world. And Chakra did it.

In every haute couture collection Georges Chakra makes beautiful every woman but, above all, he makes better this world because where there is real art there is real light and since always his magic lantern illuminates gracefully the Parisian haute couture of which he has always been a legendary protagonist.


Inspiration: Sweetest symphony
Lenghts: all present and made innovative thanks to maxi flounces and sculptural volumes
Size: wrap to exalt the female body or wide for grand evening gowns
Colors: pale blue, white, gold, yellow
Fabrics: feathers, lace, organza, silk, satin, tulle

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