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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Guo Pei

More than to see a couture collection, be invited to a fashion show of designer Guo Pei is like taking a seat in a theater where soon will be staged an Olympus full of fabulous and unknown, capricious and beautiful goddess.

Dressed with fabolous golden looks, aristocrratic color par excellence, these goddesses showing off all their beauty wrapped in sensual and theatrical dresses definitely designed to impress the audience with their hypnotical magnetic beauty.

The blue is another aristocratic color and it's extraordinary used during  this mise en scene in which we think to see the latest Haute Coture spring/summer 2018 collection by Guo Pei and instead we're just spectators of something very similar to a theatrical performance.


Inspiration: Oh my Goddess!
Lenght: all, extra mini dress until long dresses with train
Size: both slim to make sensual the feminine body and large to create sculptural volumes
Colors: gold, yellow, pale blue, silver, white, gold
Fabrics: silk, organza, taffeta, mikado, satin

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