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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Iris Van Herpen

In the world of Iris Van Herpen everything seems possible, real, tangible, as much as it's light years away from us. The incontrastat goddess of 3D and absolute experimentation about shapes and fabrics, in this s/s 2018 haute couture collection flirts with pure high fashion, giving us a series of decidedly refined outfits.

Of course in any creation doesn't miss the stylistic research which has always made Iris Van Herpen an authentic reference point for everything that fashion is not only now, but above all it will be in the next future. In every collection this designer loves to tell us about her surprising vision of what we humans cannot yet imagine. Quoting BladeRunner, she've seen things you people wouldn't believe. "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate"... How great! This is Iris Van Herpen, prophetess of ta Vision that every time she tries to show us, astonishing for innovation and creativity, but above all for eclecticism and daring. It's still a vision, her Vision, then, but what a wonderful vision...


Inspiration: Classy refined 3D
Lengths: minidresse with wide decorated sleeves or long dresses almost touching the floor
Size: Ethereal softness that caresses the body sensually in minidress that during the long evening dresses dagi sculptural details
Colors: gold, white, grey, black, blue
Fabrics: techno fabric, velvet, chiffon, organza

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