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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Julien Fournié

Oriental inspiration for the new Haute Couture spring/summer 2018 collection signed by Julien Fourniè, truly enchanted by the ancient culture not only of a continent which is Asia, but especially inby a universe almost parallel to ours, with its mysticism, esotericism and symbolism that, in this collection, it's not only usual classical reinterpretation of silhouettes, but it's a new way of perceiving the mysterious Oriental sensuality.

The decidedly accurate design studio behind this collection helps make it unique because it is not simply a tribute at the East but it is the concrete and real Visual and emotional demonstration of how the designer imagines this world that so fascinates and inspires him. Absoluteky remarkable in this collection beautiful hyper decorated kimonos and party dresses with bold prints and sensual transparencies.




Inspiration: Oriental sensuality
Lenghts: preferably long
Size: silhouette by tailoring often tight-fitting
Colors: black, white, gree, pink, blue, grey, gold
Fabrics: crepe, organza, silk, satin, lace, leather, mikado

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