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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Schiaparelli

It's definitely inspired at the dreamlike and fantastic world of nature, with all its extraordinary shapes and creatures, the new haute couture collection signed by maison Schiaparelli with great versatility it offers gorgeous outfit for day and evening because it is all second nature. When in the sky appear the stars here are the time for dresses and jackets to become bright traanks extraordinary embroideries and decorations: they hypnotize with sophistication and seduction. A bold and romantic creature advances covered with animal prints and feather falls, wrapped in clothes made absolutely unique thanks colorful inspired to Rainbow. combining very similar nuance to create a color scale that really leaves you breathless.

And don't forget the little white Riding Hood effect, so naïve and sensual, of certain long dress full of symbolism.


Inspiration: Surrealistic nature night & day
Lengths: everything, from super short to long for a versatile way to be
Size: everything 'cause feminine silhouette is free to be what it really wants to seem
Colors: mauve, lilac, beige, pink and prints inspired by Paul Gauguin
Fabrics: tulle, chiffon, crepe, silk

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