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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Stephane Rolland

Unanimously defined the great Michelangelo of fashion, rather than a couturier  Stephane Rolland is a sculptor of cloth loaned to the fashion world and this sublime collection Haute Couture spring/summer 2018 it is the umpteenth demonstration.

A genius of the kind not seen for a very long time on the runways, because we're talking about geniality, not simple talent. Stephane Rolland, with his creations that defy gravity and moving ightly sinuous on the catwalk, creating new wonderful trajectories at every step, is an extraordinary artist whose fashion world absolutely needs and we are so thankful that a genius like that existes in this our era: we're so lucky!

His makes real haute couture, his creatons are masterpieces, the're pure high beauty at its finest. Every dress tends to infinity and it is pure dream.

Between dresses, shirts, pants and jackets in which the geometry reigns supreme in an impeccable equation of harmony and perfection, admiring a collection signed by Stephane Rolland is the best answer to those who foolishly believes that fashion is not art and that the haute couture has no longer sense today. Oh man, shut up!


Inspiration: Up in the air
Lenghts: preferably long
Size: large hoods, asymmetric volumes and interesting constrasting between comfy clothes overlays with others characterized by decidedly more skinny cuts
Colors: black, white, pink, grey, gold, bronze
Fabrics: crepe, organza, silk, satin

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