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Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Yanina Couture

Super chic and glamorous femme fatale: this is the main inspiration of the last haute couture spring/summer 2018 collection signed by Yanina Couture which sends on the catwalk a series of beautiful lady noir and mysterious beauties in which  seduction is often synonymous with danger. But really how to resist to these amazing creatures who wear lavish look for both day and night? Yanina Couture imagines her sensual Mata Hari in a modern way and manages to make it more bewitching than ever with suits and beautiful evening dresses that, through inlays, decorations and transparencies remind us of an entire fictional world made by mystery and criminal stories thanks a visual impact quite exciting.


Inspiration: Femme fatale
Lenghts: everything, to minidresses until long dresses
Size: everything, from skuìinny to wide
Colors: black, nude, pink
Fabrics: organza, silk, satin, velvet, tulle, crepe

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