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Paris Haute Couture, Stéphane Rolland FW 2017-18

The Michelangelo of Haute Couture, the sculptor of hyperbolic volumes and sensational dresses back on the catwalk with a collection that is somewhat the zenith, the North Star, the centre of gravity of the true high fashion worldwide.

No one can be called "couturier" more than Stéphane Rolland, capable of shaping the fabric as if it were paper, bending it to his every desire.

Her clothes from absolutely innovative and original shape are bold and courageous in design as feminine and sophisticated style.

Even if you can talk of cutting edge given the silhouette proposals, remains in this great genius of high fashion a sincere love for the elegant and classic tout court to the point that his fashion is perhaps an evolution of the concept of elegance classically understood.

His way to be experimental has a different meaning from what we are accustomed to consider this concept.

When we think about experimentation we usually think of something that goes against tradition, which break the rules to create space for new ideas.

Stéphane Rolland, instead, experiences in the already fertile ground of haute couture, he is a happy graft on a tree already healthy and sturdy and it's here where and why he excels. Has no need of creating parallel universes, metamorphoses, valkyries or alien women. He wears Ladies, real Ladies, as did the great couturier of yesterday and he wear these elegant muses creating timeless masterpieces of which we will certainly speak in the future in some important exhibition dedicated to him. Dress after dress, collection after collection, Stéphane Rolland is making fashion history.

Congratulations Stéphane.



Mood: Dress-sculpture for the Michelangelo of high fashion
Lenght: long, also with train for dresses and also for outwear like capes and cloaks
Breadth: tight for marking the silhouette while long capes are wide and sleeves absolutely hyperbolic
Colors: white, black, tangerine red
Fabrics: crepe, silk, organza, mikado, satin, feathers

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