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Paris Haute Couture, the Chanel woman is country with bon ton


Karl Lagerfeld is still the center with the new haute couture collection S / S 2016 Chanel that has met with considerable critical acclaim. Tweed reigns over all, proposed in a wide range of colors and illuminated by applications, in the name of tradition Chanel that only one eye can see the past and must of tradition, preferring a frontal view of fashion that looks to the future courageously along new roads in taste and design. Elegant chemises alternate complete with blouses and pants Palazzo allure Seventy and almost bell bottom.
Proposals on several occasions on the catwalk by King Karl sleeves egg shape for minijacket with skirts ankle that reinvent the female form. In addition to white, beige, gray and neutral to lead, even in the proposed enveloping pouches that surround the life of the models, not without a touch of navy blue and memoires mariniere tres parisienne. Skirts alternated high-volume lines that smoothly glide around the silhouette, almost dancing with her every movement, while the blousons have big shoulders echoes Victorians. Really elegant hoods evening belts just below the breast by a maxi bow bon ton, in a pink powder that is unforgettable. For evening sinuous length skirts, satin, tight and sexy, combined with white blouses and black decor with games of transparency and overlays designed to effect. Do not miss the hook and a certain allure country for a haute couture collection that does seem minimal chic, but betray it, happily, the myriad of details that even a simple tank top can offer expert eye. Among the floral prints they predominate, but in the evening the real cult of the season are the long capes ton sur ton with bustier jumpsuit or Full-slim pants for a determined woman who feline walking elegantly with feline step, especially when wearing in the evenings important, clothes dall'appeal avantgarde and design haunting and seductive.


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