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Paris Haute Couture, Viktor & Rolf FW 2017-18

It starts like a cartoon with the head of top model totally hidden inside maxi heads of dolls the new haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collecton signed by Viktor & Rolf, but yet from these surreal first outings it can imagine what will be the focus the entire collection: the quilted jacket.

Indeed, so is and thank goodness because you rarely attended a roundup of couture quilted jackets so refined, varied and original.

Really excellent these creations that, one after another, they add to the history of fashion a completely new models.  

But it's always so by Viktor & Rolf. The unpublished becomes reality, rather than a remake is a creation ex novo of an item who with the fantasy of the Dutch duo, backed by an impeccable tailoring, reaches high. heights of beauty.

Who wouldn't want to wear these hyperbolic models each feature a different detail? Falls of ruches, maxi bows, cloaks, capes, overlappings, asymmetries.

There's really no limit to what a simple quilted jacket can be and you have to be real geniuses to propose so many models and all different the one from the other.

And it moves from romantic to sporty, from classic to bold, with volumes, sleeves and cuts that prove once again the enormous talents of Viktor & Rolf who win in this amazing collection the hard challenge to propose the same garment in dozens of variants absolutely original and still never see before on runways.

And there are those who say that fashion has already said and done everything...



Mood: A thousand quilted jackets into the wind
Lenght: mini, at the knees
Breadth: wide, fluffy, soft and comfy
Colors: forest green, burgundy, orange, yellow, dark blue, cobalt, violet, purple
Fabrics: Silk, wool, denim, satin, experimental fabrics 

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