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Paris Haute Couture, Yanina Couture SS 2019

The one created by Yanina Couture is a decidedly sculptural collection that aims to show the peaks of virtuosity that high fashion can achieve in its wonderful Atelier where true Art is the supreme protagonist of the entire creative process. Yanina Couture shows with passion and a lot of determination how much creativity and imagination accompanied by savoir faire of the highest level can turn into reality dreams of pure beauty.

Between long dresses of authentic divas, with bewitching silhouettes or made precious by sparkling embroidery and ton sur ton decorations of cascades of laser cut flowers, the winning idea is that of ​​a world where, unlike ready-to-wear, there is no limit to express everything that you want to communicate.

The muse of this enchanting maison plays with mini and extra-long lengths, loves the effects of transparency with hyper-feminine and sensual allure as well as the asymmetries created with remarkable mastery. Superb ruffles that draw sleeves that are over and fluttering, like butterfly wings. All proposed in super glamorous shades like gold and silver and in many pop shades, vibrant with light  


Mood: Over the Rainbow
Lengths: all: from minidress to long evening dress
Volumes: both skinny and tight and wide and flimsy for sleeves and skirts
Colors: white, black, silver, gold, powder pink, fuchsia, aquamarine green, light blue, orange, fuchsia
Fabrics: feathers, velvet, glitter, lamé, satin, organza, silk, marabou, leather

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