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Parlor, jet setter iconic woman

Veronica Zaharia is the brilliant designer of the high fashion brand Parlor who has established itself internationally as one of the most interesting, experimental and glamorous in the industry of Bridal.

The verve of its bridal collections is all in a bond game of connecting contrasts such as the rigor of tailoring, with precious fabrics and refined details of great value to the desire to always express a totalizing idea of ​​happiness and romanticism.

As in the new wedding 2019 collection whose real focus is the concept of silhouette that expresses itself through a harmonic scale that touches all the widths, from the fascinating and sensual to the baroque and princely ones. Delicate the see through effects as well as the accessories chosen for a bride who gives up the veil for a much more original turban that gives her an exotic allure, almost typical of a classy jet setter iconic woman.

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