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Passion for Creation: “Cycle” SS 2022 Collection by Jan-Jan Van Essche


As we, the world and all creation are experiencing a collective transition, a new future awaits us all.

Jan Van Essche 26 6 21 2

Space & time become utter necessities for the acceptance of a new state of being, while our wounds slowly heal.

Jan Van Essche 26 6 21 3

In all humbleness, the CYCLE collection offers an alternative to help us through the now.
A bright red, encouraging life force and passion for creation... an ode to love.

Jan Van Essche 26 6 21 4

Smoothly textured fabrics with soft caresses, sensible colors chosen to highlight the new cycle we are entering.
The elements are in constant rotation.

Jan Van Essche 26 6 21 6
Jan Van Essche 26 6 21 7

© Jan-Jan Van Essche 
Press Office: Pietro Celestina

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