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Patricio Parada: sculptures to wear


Bienno, the ancient medieval village nestled among the green mountains of the Middle Valle Camonica (BS), from August 24th to September 1st 2019 will relive the glories of the past, turning into an open-air shop, thanks to over 200 Artists and Craftsmen, that will animate the heart of the historic center.
The Exhibition Market is an authentic review of artistic Art and Craft at national and international level, which attracts creative talents from all over the world.

Patricio Parada 22 8 19 1aa

Among the participating artists you can also admire the works of Patricio Parada who has made his art a real profession.

Patricio Parada 22 8 19 2a

In fact the artist tells us: “My jewels are conceived as sculptures to wear. Each piece is unique, made entirely by hand, with imperfections and asymmetries as distinctive features.
My inspiration focuses on the lightness and fluidity of shapes, on the ethereal texture and on the curved lines. For this edition of the Bienno Exhibition Market, I designed large bronze tapestries as a sort of room divider, made entirely of bronze ... - Poesías en Metal ".

Patricio Parada 22 8 19 3a

Of extraordinary artistic ability and authentic sculptural value, the works of Patricio Parada have the ability to give emotions: his jewels are real sculptures to wear, to live and to live with them all the emotions that the artist transfers with extraordinary passion in every creation and sculpture.

Patricio Parada 22 8 19 6

The Mercato exhibition thus becomes a unique opportunity to meet the artist Patricio Parada and discover with him the wonderful works of his art.

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