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Patrick Van der Elst, iconic mise en place

Patrick Van der Elst is a doctor by profession and one of the most interesting contemporary photographers on the current art scene. All merit, naturally of his works so transgressive, dreamy, thinking and thought that they see protagonists innocent beauties portrayed by the photographer with sensual attitude.

With a look at the limit between the cynical and the melancholic, Patrick Van der Elstsi proposes his critique of consumer society, religion and the obsessive veneration of the god of money.

His photography is never spontaneous but always well built to best express a certain concept. A coldly calculated mise en place whose result is warm and appealing. A cold place like the operating room of this surgeon lent to the art of photography ...

To inspire him are the meetings that he does every day, films, readings, politics, news and, of course, also his interesting working life because, being a doctor, certainly ideas for his works can really get a lot of them.


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