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Penelope Cruz jewelry designer for Swarovski Atelier

Penelope Cruz has designed exclusively for Swarovski Atelier, the line of haute joaillerie of the famous crystal maison, a collection of precious and enchanting jewels.

Married to the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, the couple has two children, including Luna, a four-year-old girl whose mother decided to dedicate part of this Swarovski collection with creations reminiscent of the form of the poetic celestial star.

Penelope Cruz has reinterpreted with inspiration and fancy antique jewelry belonging to a personal collection and her official debut in the field of jewelry is made with 21 models made in the style of Swarovski Atelier which is the luxury line of the house and, therefore, in gold, with diamonds and other precious stones, all but not extracted but realized ex novo respecting nature.

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