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FromClothingOf is finally one of the answers we expected!
A young brand, if you prefer raw, but that has the courage to get out of the traditional patterns ... that dares ... for the desire to tell, to express what could be a simple way to dress: to be ourselves!

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The brand deconstructs and reassesses shapes, fabrics and embroidery, replacing them in a perfectly personalized context.

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Their "Perfectly Imperfect" is not only the title of their collection presented during Arab Fashion Week, but it is the courageous message, clear and clean, a lifestyle, a precise choice of "being" because the shapes of their clothes they are not born from the unconscious randomness of a crazy pencil, but it is the result of a precise study from which the name of the brand derives: "Exlibris", which means "from the library of" then transformed into FromClothingOf.

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The apparently casual layering of their garments turns out to be, in their utmost freshness, where cuts and shapes have their own logic of being, a true style, not just in fashion, but in life!

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Wearing one of their dresses means TO BE FREE from the patterns, being modern and young, elegant, but with style and, even more, making a choice: BEING.

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