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Petralux – Brilliant colors and new shapes

Experience, passion and the research for new materials have resulted in the creation of Petralux®, a new synthetic material, light and luminous. Original shapes, an ever changing mix of lights and colours, bring forth an endless stream of decorative elements. Petralux® is applied imagination, a surprising solution for the worlds of Design, Fashion and Interior Decoration. Increasingly appreciated by the main actors of fashion, Petralux® creates its products entirely in Italy, with hand-made craft and design, upholding the Made in Italy’s age-old tradition of originality and creativity.

Chosen and loved by worldwide designer for beauty and originality, every piece is realized and produced by hand in Italy, in the name of creativity, tradition and innovation that has always distinguished the great Made in Italy all over the world.

The most extraordinary sword is the great versatility because Petralux articles can be adapted to many uses, from leatherwear to embroideries, from bijoux to coloured, unique and amazing buttons that always give that extra touch that makes the difference or   for decorating hats or buckles and whatever the imagination of a designer wants to enhance in a very original and imaginative 

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