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Choose. From images flashing by like a train of thoughts, or you could say “swiping” by. That simple gesture from right to left, or vice versa, that your fingers do a thousand times a day on the screen of your smartphone. Looking through photos, news, messages, or contacts. The Pinko collection for S/S 2017 flashes past your eyes the same way. You can look through it, chose, recognise. It makes you fall in love with a look and linger on it for a while. It entices you to have fun, as you mix and match items, styles and ideas. It’s a game where beauty always comes out on top. Beauty defined by a bold personality, by a sense of determination and style. It is a digital game played at a fast pace. Made of eclectic styling, mixes, and combinations. Layers of colours and materials, like the ideas and notions of contemporary life; ultimately marking out a feminine mood of today that is naturally glamorous. Because however you choose to use fashion to express yourself, PINKO women all have a touch of glamour.

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