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Pinù Couture by Pino Miranda

The fashion designer Pino Miranda, with its brand of high fashion and Couture bridal and formal tailored, Couture, Willem manages to make each event unique and special occasion in life.

Thanks to his talent, to a Neapolitan creativity so strong, warm, sensual and fresh and elegant at the same time, offers fashion collections of dresses that are authentic dreams of fine craftsmanship in his refined atelier based in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Naples, where it's really impossible not to find the perfect item that you are looking for and that is the best choice for your style, personality and silhouette.

Here every desire to feel beautiful will be made possible thanks to a team of qualified artisans always able to create tailored masterpieces that will leave forever a marker in memory of those who have worn that he admired them. Timeless clothes, to remember forever: and, in this way, here thanks Pinù Couture, the elegance is all here. 

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