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Pisani Maura, “A love story” by Vittorio Cucci Ryan, CEO



Pisani Maura

“A love story”

By Vittorio Cucci Ryan, CEO


Pisani Maura is a company specialized in leather goods, whose roots go back three generations. Vittorio Cucci Ryan’s great-great grand father, Mario Pisani, initiated the legacy by crafting unique pieces that celebrities and politicians craved for, reserving his services months in advance to have a bag, a pair of shoes or any other accessory custom-made by him, who was regarded as a top artisan in Italy.

Mario met his wife-to-be in his atelier, when this very dazzling lady went to repair her shoes. He was so smitten by her beauty, that when she asked how much she had to pay for his work, he told her: "Would not be much if it wasn't for the fact that I threw your shoes away. I hope you do not mind.“ Then he added: “You are too beautiful for those shoes.  I did throw them away but made a new pair for you, a pair to match your beauty and it’s my gift to you. Obviously to apologize for having thrown away your old pair, you have to accept my invitation for dinner, and I will not take no for an answer.” Through a pair of beautiful shoes Mario found true love!

Mario would say: “I choose my clientele very selectively as creating something is a work of love, and a way to open oneself to others.”

My ancestors passed down the lines of their legacy to me, and my grand father gave me the approval to expand the business, provided I did it without loosing the excellence and passion for our products that has been our trademark, and always keeping the customer at the center.

We specialize in leather and exotic skins, in our atelier in the outskirts of Florence, where we breathe art and passion for leather goods. We are environmentally conscious, using materials from certified breeders, tanned through green or vegetal tanning processes, non-toxic chemicals, and natural glues. Pisani Maura reminds you how sweet life can be, by giving shape to our customers’ dreams.

Pisani Maura, is a style chosen by Lisette Alvarez and Willy Chirino, as well as sport legend Floyd Mayweather, passing through Hollywood with clients such as Gerard Butler and  Franco Nero.

Pisani Maura is “A Love Story”, love for our designs and our clients and their love for Pisani Maura.


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