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Pitti Fragranze, the triumph of Made in Italy

Held from 14 to 16 September at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Pitti Fragranze, the Pitti Immagine exhibition dedicated to international artistic perfumery, this year the scent of Italy, of the essence of the Italian grandeur that has nothing to envy to that of the French , historically linked to this sublime art, but this year definitely outclassed in class, innovation and elegance from the great noses of Made in Italy.

At the fair they exhibited their creations, both essences and beauty lines, over 220 maison of the sector, 70% of which coming from abroad. In the ranking of international presences, France was ahead, followed by Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Japan and the United States. Yet in this enchanted kingdom where the sense of smell is rapt and seduced in an irresistible way by many combinations of essences that bring to mind, tearing it from the unconscious, a shower of memories and the scent of lost time, to mention the Proustian madeleines, have been the Italian creations to establish themselves with grace and refinement to the attention of buyers, press, public and admirers from all over the world. The reason? These are emotional fragrances that make the strings of the unconscious vibrate, playing for us a unique and special melody.

Exclusivity and experimentation are closely linked to the wisdom of tradition and from this special combination are born unforgettable essences like those contained in the admirable bottles designed by the aristocratic Alyson Oldoini with platinum precious plaque with the family crest. Because this is the most contemporary nobility, that of an aesthetically sublime design that, like a precious casket, contains a perfume that speaks straight to the heart. The same designer, with his magnetic allure, is a catalyst of unconscious sensations and nourishes his imaginative universe with all the emotional charge that he innately disposes of and that he can hardly compress in his iconic creations that are almost a self-portrait.

Great success and note of merit also for "Essenzialmente Laura", the line created by the famous "nose" Laura Bosetti Tonatto that creates perfumes for the major cosmetic and mélange custom-made houses. Lecturer in Cosmetics Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara, is a woman of great culture and extraordinary energy that conveys in gritty and appealing aromas in which she encompasses all her knowledge, the fruit of years of study and passion. The perfume with her becomes an art form, an absolute form of expression of the deepest self. Curator of several exhibitions including "Caravaggio un quadro, un perfume" for the Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg, she has created a tailor-made collection for Queen Elizabeth II of England.

It is impossible not to notice the beauty accessories of the Mariella Martinato brand, such as the Murano glass nail files illuminated by Swarovski crystals, combs and shaving brushes in horn, brushes for mother-of-pearl dresses, toothbrushes with gold-plated handle. Getting beautiful using such unique and precious objects, mentally helps a lot to enter the mood you want to get. They look like antique objects also in the design, really chic and refined, vintage objects that the dandy and the lovers of the beautiful tout court will certainly love because they are a true hymn to the great Made in Italy of quality that knows no rivals in the world. True elegance, in fact, is in the details and Mariella Martinato, thanks to her artisan savoir faire, the enchanting Italian style and the love for experimenting with new shapes and silhouettes, creates what we usually call "atmosphere". Just keep your luxurious beauty accessories in your hands because the world around us takes on a regal and exclusive allure and the world for a while looks like a better place. Power of true beauty.

And what about Bois 1920? Irresistible. For him and for her, he plays an orchestra of olfactory harmonies that are prodigious. For decades, the brand of the Galardi family, which boasts 32 fragrances, enriches the art of perfumery with new meaning thanks to an indomitable passion that moving sinuously on the traditional silo, gives daring rendezvous with the world of experimentation and the result of so much audacity are unique and captivating olfactory compositions. From the Twenties to today, this symbol of Florentine savoir faire, has collected many international successes as in 2012 when Bois 1920 is selected among the five best olfactory expressions at the Oscars of perfumery, the FiFi Awards in New York. The excellence of raw materials is combined with the creative eclecticism of noses who like to dare to seduce the sense of smell and give an emotion to wear and take with them, on their skin, as the most sstrong of armor.

And what about closing your eyes and feeling transported in a moment in the beautiful Sicily, breathing its intense and Mediterranean aromas? To take you by the hand will be Ciatu, a Sicilian brand whose name, poetically in Sicilian, means "breath". The idea is Andrea Spatola who moved by love for his land and struck by that sublime melancholy that captures all the Sicilians when they leave the island so magnetic and mysterious, unique in the world, has decided to launch a line of cosmetic products that want to be a sort of sensory journey through all the magic that Sicily holds in itself, the Mediterranean mater and the muse of the greatest artists of all time.

Perfumes, colors, passion ... the refined cosmetic collection of the Ciatu brand is scented with natural Sicilian indigenous essences such as orange, lemon, almond, orange blossom and is handcrafted with natural, organic raw materials produced in Sicily. All this boasts a packaging of a truly amazing elegance, expression of high design and distinguished by lively illustrations made by Sicilian artists who portray with acute originality archaeological finds and works of art belonging to the Sicilian cultural heritage. Really proudly Made in Sicily as well as Made in Italy.

Last but not least, a brand truly out of the box, which knows how to think outside the box proposing creations of rare beauty thanks to an indomitable creative spirit that dares, surprises, experiments, demonstrating a level of savoir faire nothing short of exceptional. We are talking about Unconventional Perfume Milano in which the world of design and that of high perfumery meet happily giving life to unique products on the market. The brand has managed with a remarkable intuition to understand that it was possible to say something new and absolutely unique in the field of room fragrance. And being Made in Italy, with all the artistic and cultural heritage engraved in the DNA, has helped a lot this brand to take flight so that today its market quotations are rapidly rising because it has been able to revolutionize with typically Italian style and elegance, therefore exclusive and top of the range, the concept of perfume for the environment transforming intense and emotional fragrances into real furnishing objects. The fragrances are worn, but above all they are lived, we find our own skin wherever we are and choose the best perfume for our space is like tuning a piano to play the perfect melody. Identified the best perfume to make us feel truly in harmony with ourselves and with the surrounding world, we just have to keep it and then let it spread all around in its Unconventional Perfume. There are many models and all the shapes and essential lines that seduce thanks to a rigorous minimalism absolutely cutting edge and refined contemporary. Because the right choice is a question of style. Italian, of course.

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