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Pleasant holidays by Sitap carpet couture

Every year, in the tradition of many peoples, the cold is accompanied by the use of warm and enveloping materials in wool and fur. They are precious materials that tell us about timeless craftsmanship, care and love of wise gestures.

It is from this tradition that the Style Center of Sitap Carpet Couture Italia takes the cue to give us and a Christmas glamor of style, taste and pleasant warmth.

Many soft and ecological cushions and throws, treated with innovative colors, together with precious mutton rugs, sofa covers, ottomans and many other ideas for an enveloping and warm Christmas.

In the mountains, after a day on skis or in the heat of the house in the city, the pleasure of the warmth that gives a natural product is incomparable: it is a feeling of calm and protection that unites us all waiting for Christmas.

And for a truly trendy glamor touch, the Centro Stile Carpet Couture Italia realizes the sheepskin stoles of the Glamor Leathers collection: precious and original accessories in many shades of color, expression of extraordinary research and craftsmanship.


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