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Polimoda and maison Ferragamo lauches master for young shoes designers

Polimoda and Salvatore Ferragamo announced their collaboration for the launch of a 9-month master in shoe design, which will start in January 2019.

The lessons, held by teachers from the footwear industry, will be held at the Polimoda headquarters, in laboratories equipped with professional equipment and materials. The study plan includes topics such as the interpretation of materials, the search for innovative production techniques, the logics of merchandising management, with specific insights on brand heritage, strategy, market trends and sales structure.

The collaboration between the griffe and Polimoda was born from the desire to train a new generation of designers prepared on the evolution of the sector and its trends, but also on craftsmanship, know-how and excellence.

For Ferragamo the Fashion must set itself objectives also from the training point of view, it is important to put their know-how at the disposal of the students in order to train them and thus respond to the needs of the market, also drawing from schools of excellence like Polimoda young people high-level designers, specialized but flexible, with a strong education behind them.

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