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Pop and sustainability, joie de vivre by Leo Studio Design

After the brilliant studies at the Marangoni in Milan and the consecration on the catwalk of Altaroma, the Apulian designer Leo Macina, with an iconic and suggestive style, presents a collection with fresh and bright allure, an authentic breath of fresh air and a hymn to the real great Italian fashion that does not need eccentricity or hyperbolic tinsel to evoke emotions and fascinate, but focuses on charm and an Italian savoir-faire that has always belonged to the DNA of our land.

The world changes, times change, fashion changes, even the ready to wear has to do it by ferrying the best of itself not only in the contemporary world, but especially in the real world where there is no more space for clothes that are so wonderful at seeing each other, but at the bottom but sterile exercises of style that are completely lacking in portability.

If fashion is a dream, then it is time to wake up because it can no longer afford to be a universe parallel to reality, indeed only by immersing in it can be reborn and renewed, like a chrysalis, finally indiiduando new ways of expression in which the creativity tout court always remains the great protagonist, but at the service of the real needs of contemporary women.

With his brand, Loe Studio Design, the Apulian stylist becomes the perfect spokesman for this need, creating a series of flawless and finely crafted dresses with an altered and sophisticated refinement, reinterpreted in a modern key, in the name of color and of an all-encompassing and bewitching energy. Pura joie de vivre.

It is clear that Leo Macima loves to literally design his clothes not only thinking about the model and the silhouette, but, above all, the materials with which they will be made. This leads her to carry out a constant stylistic research in the field of textiles, experimenting and daring new combinations.

Winning is the great work of modeling and tailoring performed impeccably, thanks to his innate talent and the art learned at the Marangoni, the temple of the future Made in Italy par excellence.

In the name of an eco-sustainable fashion conceived for upper class women and globettrotters, proud to be themselves always and in any case, everything seems to be created in the sign of a tireless love for craftsmanship that make Leo Macina one of the most interesting new faces in the panorama of the new quality Made in Italy.

Because he knows how to be courageously bold, defying every canon: he dares, innovates, renews, yet he also knows how to respect tradition, thus creating that magnificent bridge between yesterday and today that is nice to look out for the future that will come with renewed confidence.


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