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Portrait of an aristocratic lady traveler

For the next spring and summer, Fabiana Filippi takes us into the photo album of an aristocratic, pensive, poetic lady traveler. A wonderful diary that brings alive memories of distant countries.

The unspoilt pureness of the Lofoten islands seen from a lighthouse, a sun-drenched midday in Casablanca in the shade of a covered patio, the magic of Zante as the sun goes down and dawn in Marrakech, with its infinite expanse of desert, come alive in a soft mix of colours. Shades of pinks, sandy or pearly hues fade into a pure or chalky white under the blazing heat of the sun. Indigo, blue and the intense sky blue of the Mediterranean partner with the petals of peonies, lilac, and magnolia in a botanical garden. The golden reflections of the Bosporus on the buildings in Istanbul make way for the dusky sunset in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Private, contemporary refinement from Fabiana Filippi, far removed however from the frenzy of daily life. An unrepeatable emotion—just like the memory of a journey.


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