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Precious accessories with unique shapes for a Charme and style out of time

The Montegallo collections are born from the reviving of the secrets handed down from the centenary tradition of hand craft tecnicques from Marche region:the straw hat, braided and sewn by hand. From ever and ever in Marche the wheat is been cultivated and women use to braid the stems, making head pieces out of them to repair their mates from the sun during their work. They are so brave that the hat became not only a functional item but also ornamental and indispensable to the world of elegance.

In our days the Montegallo brand it's the essence of this ancient art and the collection has been dedicated to the cosmopolitan,precise and ironic women, in love with unique hand made accessories able to evoke an authentic story. Every piece is made with precious  natural straws, felt and threads strictly Made  in Italy.

The elegance of a Montegallo hat it's made out of simplicity with a touch of extravagance and personality. The unicity of each piece it guarantees the possibility to personalise your hat with your initials hand sewn inside.


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