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Primula: “The Lady of the Dreams”


Reading the book dedicated to the world of Primula Campomaggiore is like leafing through page after page, with renewed love, a colorful book of fables, useful to make us dream and travel backwards, over time.

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Naïve painter with a magic touch, Primula has by now carved herself into the fertile folk art, in her unique space, made of dreamy memories and fantastic lands, of clean skies and beautiful fairies, of joyful animals and happy characters, all in an uncontaminated nature , between bursts of light.

Her is an art that conveys joy and will to live. Never forgetting to remember to dream and dream again.

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The books dedicated to her are two:

"Primula Campomaggiore, daughter of Ligabue in Tuscia" curated by Francesca and Leonardo Lotti, the second is "Primula Campomaggiore an artist from Tuscia Felice".

The first collects the narrative  returned by her relatives and friends stories, the second summarizes her artistic career throughout Italy and in the last, her intense artistic production is proposed for the first time through a sort of catalog  glass, canvas and murals.

These two works tell the land where this extraordinary artist was born and lived and is witnessed by her patient brush and with infinite joy in a triumph of colors with stories and origins of the family.

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Reading the books dedicated to Primula Campomaggiore are not just simple readings, but awaken in us the dreams that today's life wants us to erase its.

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