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Provasi, passion design

Provasi, a leading company in the luxury furnishing sector, creates and exports pieces of furniture all over the world.

As a brand operating in the luxury segment, Provasi is characterized by the passion for furnishing.

It represents today the very concept of artisanship combined with a deep knowledge of the furniture art from the past, one of the symbols of the Made in Italy excellence, which is highly appreciated on foreign markets.

Thanks to a professional team who work together to create projects of exclusive decor, Provasi can plan the interior design or furniture for any type of building, including apartments, villas, yachts and hotels, or to provide assistance to external project managers who may need help in creating more challenging interior design plans or furnishing.

Every new creation starts with a study as highly qualified creative experts work together to meet all the needs of the Provasi customer.This includes considering aesthetics a passionate search for harmony, colour combinations, the beauty of compositions, and a keen eye for details.

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