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Pugnetti Parma and the art of invisible complexity

A designer and an artisan, the very young talented Filippo Pugnetti creates his pieces using techniques handed down from the old masters of the ’50s. At that time, artisans were cutting the cardboard patterns with small knives and then assembling them piece-by-piece to achieve the perfect proportions. In the same way, Filippo does not sketch his models on the computer, but first assembles the patterns together to visualise the handbags he has in mind. Through this modus operandi, he can immediately study the proportions, the seams and the small movements in the leather, thereby giving shape to those essential combinations that instantly speak of luxury.

For Filippo, the ultimate luxury is the art of invisible complexity. Every detail matters and each procedure is carefully calculated in every single piece. All superfluous elements are removed and nothing is left to chance to achieve the most complicated of results: simplicity.


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