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Quality, Craftsmanship and Made in Italy Uniqueness

"Stefano Patriarchi" Brand was created in 1990. Over 500,000 pieces made in 29 years of manufacture, all of them signed by the artist. The sample collection boasts about 4000 models and 1000 pieces are the Best Seller ones including a strong emotional component; once worn those jewels hardly go unnoticed.  They are suitable for any time, any event and for any age, completely manufactured and produced in Italy, a Made in Italy hallmark. They leave a sign over the time.

The MISSION OF THE MAISON: People wearing Stefano Patriarchi jewels are being able to calm their minds, especially in a period where life reserves a mixture of darkness and light, Stefano Patriarchi is always on the bright side with his Art.

The big breakthrough comes in 2005 with the creation of " THE BRIGHTNING JEWELS" a great collection that includes more than 1000 articles, all best-selling super-selected products where trends came from a constant search for new shapes. Stefano Patriarchi is attentive to all needs of modern and cosmopolitan life and always focused to women who wear jewels for the pure pleasure of owning its pure essence.

The collections that create this extraordinary brand are born from a constant study to research of form, for the selection of stones and precious metals used and nothing is left to chance: every single jewel has its own history and every jewel created exudes pure beauty and elegance.

All the jewels are created by Stefano Patriarchi and his commitment is constant day after day for about 30 years of pure goldsmith craftsmanship.

by Maria Christina Rigano

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