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Quattromani, bags collection f/w 2016-17

Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau, the designers behind the brand Quattromani, came to the world of fashion with a unique project: to narrate the Sardinian tales and traditions through their collections, as two wise storytellers, able to mesmerize the minds of those who want to be captivated from this fascinating myth. Each season becomes the occasion to narrate a little piece of Sardinian tradition, stories and legends in the shape of maxi and cocktail dresses, suits and coats. Craftsmanship and contemporary appeal are the main aspects that characterize the brand, with a  stylistic vocation that emphasizes the concept of femininity without any experimentalism.The design has a balanced approach, combined with a cool twist and a superfeminine attitude without turning away from delicate shapes  expressed in a conscious and mature way

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