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Quinto Ego, uniqueness Made in Italy

Artists, artisans, dreamers who interpret the world of fashion through unique creations capable of transmitting those emotions that only Made in Italy can give. All this is Quinto Ego. A collection of fashion accessories never designed, never designed or designed ... but dreamed up.

A dream in which objects are found in a surreal wood, enveloped in ivy, forgotten, lost ... perhaps a trace of the passage of a lover.

And as the ivy embodies eternal love and the revenge of good over evil, so rings, chains, bracelets and pendants in silver come to life and energy through processes that alter and enhance the form by transmitting a unique material. The Quinto Ego accessories are not worn, are lived.

Each accessory is made by hand according to textures that arise from nature; the choice of materials and their processing, the continuous research and experimentation of innovative techniques are the result of an extraordinary experience in the sector.

Quinto Ego not only creates, but dreams of his jewels: from the dream the idea, through the design, the mold and the workmanship. The result of the fusion and a finishing process that still uses the traditional technique of fire welding, are unique pieces that are never identical even if only for a tiny detail. With a game of alternation between polishing and blackening the processing of Quinto Ego jewels emphasizes striking details on each of the creations as only the art of handmade can do. Together with silver, games of semi-precious stones such as onyx, citrine, quartz, garnet, topaz and amethyst. Gothic and Victorian ideas for the design of the collection, nature and fable mix to characterize the spirit of the dream contained in every jewel. The collection features rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Designed, built and packaged exclusively within the company, in the craft workshop near the center of Carrara, the Quinto Ego jewels are entirely Made in Italy creations.



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