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Racine Carrée, Italian design and French allure

Racine Carrée ("square root") is the abstraction of the double "V" that represents the binary synthesis of a precise style, that of Viviana Vignola, Neapolitan designer, as well as creator of the brand. Raised among the smell of the finest leathers and the most exclusive materials in the family tannery, Viviana is born in a natural way the passion for footwear. Thus, he begins to create shoes that combine the best quality with the most sophisticated techniques. An object of desire combined with a comfortable and secure fit even on surprising heights. Racine Carrée is a style that goes to the essence, to the root of seduction. Able to materialize the object of desire of every woman who loves quality and haute couture, giving each of them the perfect shoe that they will not and will not want to do without.

The project is all Italian but with a French allure that gives it that extra touch of elegance and femininity. It is an all-female route, made of creativity and tradition; of matter, style and design. Racine Carrée is linked to concepts such as versatility, uniqueness and quality.

A completely handmade product, which allows you to breathe the high quality of Italian manufacture. The continuous encounter between innovation and tradition in every phase of production guarantees impeccable quality and a touch of exclusivity, making each shoe a work of art that combines the beauty of the classic sinuous lines and the modernity of contemporary design.



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