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Raptus & Rose, the liberated fashion by Silvia Bisconti and the fashion show of the rebirth


The disruptive force of a woman who knows how to tell how clothes are able to spread emotions and sensations, travel and exploration.

Since 2013 Silvia Bisconti, with her Raptus & Rose project THE FASHIONED FREEDOM, tells with her clothes a life made of study and travel around the world in search of the beauty outside the rules. The highly sought-after details of his works are the result of important stories, experience in the fashion industry and refined research, traditions and cultures encountered in different parts of the globe.

The brand was born after an important and busy curriculum of collaborations in fashion houses like Romeo Gigli and Malìparmi. After twenty years of experience in the field, Silvia decides to "free fashion" to give life to her narrative-tailoring project: Raptus & Rose makes threads and fabrics an excuse to tell stories without boundaries.

An unconventional fashion atelier, kept in Belluno in an old typography with large windows where new ways of seeing and dressing are created, imagined and told.

In his "flowery" place of transformation, research and invention, with his team he produces high quality Made in Italy creations for ordinary women, but always looking for original pieces. Raptus & Rose in fact consists of small Limited Editions, modulated around essential-cut models - pijama pant, little coats, fluid skirts, soft knits - made with sartorial stitching, precious embroidery, dyeing and hand prints.

For the designer, raptus is the creative act par excellence, where the fundamental basis is the breaking of the patterns of standard fashion, breaking the commercial logic that regulates the purchase of fabrics. A choice that led her to travel in search of the perfect fabric. Silvia's policy is to visit the places that preserve the history of weaving and sartorial decorative art and rediscover the beauty of little-known manufactures. The place of the designer's heart is india, but explores all the countries where it is possible to meet manufacturing excellence.

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Clothes that excite the wearer and a narrative ability that also passes through the "social" sharing of his travels. A succession of moments shared between molds that decorate the fabrics with complex patterns, vivid colors and cuts of precious fabrics. The 32 thousand followers on Instagram, are not customers of a brand but are open ears and wide-open eyes on stories of artisan invoices and decorative and textile processes of distant worlds and his sartorial artistic laboratory. Narrative threads intertwined with research, studies, travels and a concept of beauty as the only weapon capable of overcoming the distance of social networks to transform them into a place for choral sharing.

Not only his creations are out of the box in the fashion market, but also the idea that Raptus & Rose's LIBERATED FASHION gets out of the seasonal logic, goes to flood the streets, parading among the people in many free and open squares Venice, in Turin, in Pietrasanta, in Milan.

It is thanks to these shows that the On Bass Association of Bassano del Grappa, a non-profit organization, wanted to involve the brand in an ambitious project, proposing to show not only ordinary women but also their cancer patients. Since 2016 Silvia Bisconti has made her the challenge by organizing fashion shows with warriors who are going through such a tiring period of their lives. The format was also exported to Ventimiglia with Controtempo and to Vercelli with Lilt.

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On June 28, the fashion show of the renaissance will be staged in Vicenza in Piazza dei Signori at 7.00 pm, in collaboration with the On Bass Cancer Association ONLUS and will be open to the public. Patients, doctors and nurses will be put in the spotlight and treated as a dive. The aim of the event is to spread the message that the disease should not be an obstacle to the search for beauty.

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The fashion show becomes a therapeutic experience that starts a path of awareness of what can be and can be done. It is an extraordinary experience, it teaches that love for oneself must be protected above all in the fragility of the disease. The idea of a fashion show was born precisely from the desire to improve the quality of life of women followed by the oncological association. It is an event that becomes a gesture of care, which involves the patients but also the health personnel who are daily engaged in the treatment of cancer.

As Silvia says: "beauty will save us".

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T - Teresa La Fosca
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