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Rei Kawakubo and the Art of the In Between

From the 4th May until the 4th september 2017, the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) of New York will the celebrate the genial fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of the brand  Comme des Garçons. It's ana extraordibary retrospective because is dedicated to a woman that changed forever he fashion history and also because the MET usually don't celebrate a living artist during its most important retrospective of the year.

The goal is demonstrating the revolutionary aestetic of Rei Kawakubo, from the beginning of her career when she appeared like an authentic revelation for mood, inspirations, architectural shapes and volumes. She has gained notoriety by offering clothes at first sight absolutely not wearable 'cause too much extravagant and eccentric. Her style was a clash between East and West, but also an encounter, the will to demonstrate how deeply the fashion is culture and for this reason is not slave of sterotypes, usual shapes and silhouettes.  Rei Kawakubo renewed the feminine body, transforming women almost in beautiful aliens, enveloped in sublime creations that have been like an explosion on the parisian catwalks.

When she suddenly arrived, for fashion was like an earthquake, something has changed forever and it's so fair that the famous MET dedicates tho her its exhibition of the year, showing her masterfull creations that, time after time, conquered the taste of people who understood and loved her poetry. Hier women pupae are now beautiful butterflies, so much awaited during every fashion show. Everything can change and this woman had an incredible courage to impose her idea of beauty without never give up to any compromises.



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