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Reinterpretations of architectural shapes with style


Michele Chiocciolini is a brand of Made in Italy bags.
Founded in 2012 by the will of Michele Chiocciolini and his sister Francesca who since their first collection have established themselves as one of the most interesting promises of Made in Italy in the accessories sector.

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Their creations are born thanks to a careful research and a reinterpretation of the simplest architectural shapes, but thanks to the sensitivity and creativity of the designer, this extraordinary brand is able to offer an accessory that goes beyond a simple bag.

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Style and elegance are the keywords of the collections that harmoniously are married with modernity and creativity in every single bag.

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Choosing a Michele Chiocciolini bag means choosing a style accessory that perfectly interprets the personality of women who prefer to stand out for culture and class in their outfits.

© Michele Chiocciolini

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