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Rèsina, handmade bags of big character and design

When craftsmanship is a profound dialogue with every woman.

Crafted, real leather, obsessive attention to detail. Résina is a natural search for style, a fragrant tendency and soft to the touch. The craft brand combines a tradition in the leather goods industry with an evolution in the style studio. The production process of each bag starts from research and design, passes to the prototype and closes with completion. The meticulousness of each seam, the skimming from defects, the study of the material: each phase is important and contributes to an aesthetic result that does not need many words, but only to be found.

Résina has a profound dialogue with every kind of woman, but above all she speaks on behalf of each one of them. It tells their mood and their character. A Rèsina bag does not have one: you look, touch, and live. Woman after woman.



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