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"Rinascita" Spring Summer 2021 Collection by Cettina Bucca


Every year our spirits are reignited by Spring with its joyful colours and luminosity, leading to a new rebirth. Likewise the SS21 collection of Cettina Bucca comes from dark times, but with the precise intention of bringing back light to a universe that is looking for rediscovering its finest sides.
The Sicilian designer kicks off this new season with the blossoming of values, essentiality, union, sharing, projects, affectivity and truth.

CETTINA BUCCA 19 11 20 2

The clear and well-defined images on exclusive fabrics, the simplicity of the lines  combined with the colours contrasts are the key words pivoting the next collection, letting us feel moved and able to nurture dreams and hopes filtered by a new consciousness.
Volumes got reduced and the bold colours scheme softened, without losing the brand’s signature features.

CETTINA BUCCA 19 11 20 3

Different sized characters gather, move together and go through a new kind of group experience, standing out as the unquestioned protagonists of the beautifully realised prints.

CETTINA BUCCA 19 11 20 4

The unmistakable fabrics are utterly natural and selected with an unconditional consciousness: from the most sought-after cottons, to linens, raffias and subtle silks.

CETTINA BUCCA 19 11 20 5

Feminine proportions take over throughout this collection, in order to never forget the distinctive strength of the female gender which help us to restart one, a hundred, a thousand times

CETTINA BUCCA 19 11 20 6

Colours that lighten up this collection are greens, turquoises, light blues, rust and the ones reminiscent of the earth, reminding us what the rebirth is about: changing our wrong habits so as to be able to reunite with Mother Earth.

© Cettina Bucca
Press Office: Teresa La Fosca

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