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Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Gold Edition and Total Black

Thanks to its remarkable flavour, Roberto Cavalli Vodka is the perfect base for a wide variety of cocktails. From the classics to brand new concoctions, Roberto Cavalli Vodka blends beautifully with other ingredients and makes cocktails even more delightful.

This is why Roberto Cavalli Vodka is now one of the favourites of professional bartenders all over the world, especially the Gold Edition and the Night Edition Total Black, with their iconic bottles.

The first one sparks and glitters from afar, giving a spectacular show when it stands on the exclusive tables of the most prestigious clubs. The effect is generated by the special metal coating which decorates and covers all the bottle. The amazing result is a surface with mirror effect, absolutely not reproducible with other printing techniques.

The traditional logo of the brand and the texture of the animalier print at the bottom of the design are highlighted in neat black.

The second one has a shape that blends with the color of the night and stands out for its sophisticated elegance. An unmistakable charm inspired by the seductive beauty of women that often emerges from the encounter between darkness and light…A fashion vodka, because “black” is fashion. Sexy and mysterious. Just like the women able to inspire the italian fashion designer.

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