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Rock couture by Enrico Mazza

Cultured and refined, in his creations characterized by bohémien rock allure Enrico Mazza is inspired by the world of art in its many forms, from music to painting up to the movies.

In fact there're so many citations that this designer there recalls to our memory in his fashion collections of great visual impact thanks new and attractive silhouette, tailored cuts and surprising details that enhance each model in profound ways.

The style of Enrico Mazza is boldly avant-garde and experimental: the great classics of fashion are reinterpreted and renewed with a very skilful hand while impressive prints enliven outfit with magnetic color effects.

Between layering and transparency and the choice of fierce materials such as leather and denim along with other more delicate and sinuous it emerges the idea of a female that is an amazing icon of seduction and strength. 

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