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Romantic works of pure sweetness

The Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota tackles in her artistic path the eternal an existential question of our earthly transit, comparing the sensations fundamental human life, death and relationships between people.

Her installations are manifested, thanks to his mastery of tangles of wires immersed in space, with artistic works made with large installations, suggestive and marked by a powerful emotional charge that transcends every sense of cultural membership making it universal.

Marked by the loss of friends and loved ones in the terrible earthquake that 11 March 2011 hit Japan causing the tsunami and the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Chiharu Shiota through the universal language of art, she translates her intimate approach to mourning, and thanks to her works veined romantic sweetness, always shine a light of hope even when one lives in the deepest darkness.

Her works evoke enjoy, life and hope and gaze kidnapped by braiding, leave us dream of a future rich in joys and vitality.

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