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Rome 2016 …. Iuliana Mihai


"A story like mine shouldn't be revealed. My world is so complicated, so friable and can't survive without Its secrets.  I am definitely born to be a Geisha but a strange power dragged me toward an unrealistic world of fashion. First time I learned that my mother was sick I was showing on international catwalks. I suffered the loneliness that night,  until I remembered what my mother often said that there was greater things in my fate,"sic parvis magna"."

Rome 2016

Iuliana Mihai in her atelier creates her dresses with passion and skills without knowing rules and time limits. The job is her life. For me the geisha is a myth, a culture, a story, a reality which I admire and  I study very carefully, a chapter with whom I don't want to stop but like her I would like to be the daughter of twilight.

"Learning inspiration and creating with mastery and kindness  after so little kindness, understanding that a little girl with more courage than she believed to possess, can find an answer to her prayers  and can do what she always dreamed about… can this be called happiness? Maybe it is the satisfaction that everyday life supply withpower providing with creation and  inspiration ...

After all, those aren't the memories of an empress, nor of a queen, they are the memories of something different, the memories about painted virtues and gratitude" ... These are the Iuliana Mihai memories ...

The designer Faithful to her Nippo New Gothic style presented 20 Woman garments along with 7 male clothes. All strictly handmade sewn and embroidered.

Fine fabrics such as taffeta, organza, voile, chiffon, lace, silk and light-wool animated the catwalk to give birth to dreamy gowns. Basic and Eternal colors like white, grey and black remember the elegance of long time ago. Accessories like feathers, rhinestones and Swarovski, leather and chains refine and enrich the unique couture creations of Iuliana Mihai.

The accessories in order to symbolize the value and Japanese traditions, the spirit of the samurai ... the Catana.

Iuliana Mihai presented the new couture collection for the Spring Summer 2016, "Sons of Crepuscule" at theRome Fashion Week. Event transmitted by streaming on FashionTV Channel on February 18.

"You can't say to the sun: more sun! Or to rain: less rain!".



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